In the academic year 2016/2017, the Faculty of Law in Nish is entitled to enroll 600 students: 280 students will be financed from the national budget, and 320 students will be paying the tuition fee.


All national and foreign citizens are entitled to be admitted to the Law Faculty, subject to the conditions set forth in the University Act and the Law Faculty Statute.

The first year of Undergraduate studies may be enrolled by applicants who have completed a 4-year secondary education.

Applicants who have received university education in another discipline or completed a 2-year study program at the first level of university education shall be admitted into the Law Faculty without taking an entrance exam, but they are obliged to pay the tuition fee.

A foreigner is entitled to be admitted into the first year of undergraduate studies under the same conditions as any Serbian citizen, providing that his/her secondary school diploma/certificate acquired at a foreign institution has been duly validated, and providing that the applicant has a health insurance and a solid knowledge of the Serbian language.

The Faculty Dean shall appoint a commission to determine the student's linguistic competences in the Serbian language.

A foreigner shall pay a tuition fee, unless otherwise regulated under an international agreement.

The candidates applying for admission in the first year of undergraduate studies shall take an entrance examination in two subjects: Serbian language and History, pursuant to the secondary grammar/high school educational program.

The final ranking of the applicants admitted into the first year of undergraduate studies shall be determined on the basis of the total number of points including the applicant's general secondary school average and the results of the entrance examination test.