The Computer and IT Center

The Computer and IT Center was founded 1997 as part of the scientific research unit in order to provide IT services for scientific research purposes and the necessary technical support in the teaching process and the Faculty administration. The Computer Center services are available to the Faculty teaching staff, management, administration services, students and students' associations located on the Faculty premises. In order to provide better conditions for students' training in new information technologies, the Law Faculty has envisaged a special Computer Classroom for students' training purposes. The Law Faculty is connected to the University Information System (JUNIS) at the University of Nis, which provides access to the Serbian academic network and the World-Wide-Web.

The Law Faculty MAIL and WEB servers are active 24 hours a day. (

 The Law Faculty Website provides information about the Law Faculty, the educational and scientific activities of the teaching staff, and other information on the current Faculty activities and events. Students can easily access the information on the Faculty curricula and syllabi, instruction timetables, examination schedules and exam terms, and teachers' office hours. The website also provides an opportunity to search the Library stock and to register for the exams via the Internet. The website includes the Forum, a virtual meeting site for public discussion on legislative projects and other current social and legal issues, which enables an easy exchange of scientific, professional and practical information among multiple usersThe Law Faculty has a modern well-developed local network (Intranet) which links all the Faculty organizational units, management and administration services, and teaching staff offices. The local network ensures a fast communication and concurrent work of multiple users. The Faculty has a total number of 142 modern computers, 6 overhead video projectors, 60 printers, 5 scanners, 3 photocopiers, 15 lap top computers and other accompanying high-tech equipment. The Faculty has envisaged the purchase of new equipment for the application of modern educational technologies.

The Centre is managed by the Computer Centre Manager. All professional and technical services are provided by the System Administrators.

Computer Centre Manager: Prof. dr Vidoje Spasić

System Administrators: Branko Stevanović, BSc (Electronics), Vladimir Blagojević, BSc(Electronics)