The Legal Clinic

The Legal Clinic at the Faculty of Law in Niš was established in 2002 for the purpose of providing diverse clinical education programs aimed at students' training in practical lawyer skills. In the past period, the Legal Clinic has organized two clinical education programs: the Civil Law Clinic and the Clinic for the Protection of Women's Rights.

From 2002 to 2005, the Legal Clinic training courses predominantly included instruction methods based on simulation techniques and interactive teaching/learning. The experience acquired in this period has made it possible to establish the Experimental Legal Office where students provide pro bono legal assistance to "live" clients under close supervision of their clinic professors and legal practitioners. The Legal Office equipment fully complies with the ABA "Model Standards in Clinical Legal Education: live-client clinics". In addition, the Legal Clinic has developed a close cooperation with the Bar Association of Niš, acting as a partner in the pro bono legal assistance projects organized by the Niš Bar Association.

The Legal Clinic organizes and stages other types of training for the development of practical legal skills, such as the Training Program in Eristic Dialectics.


By the year 2007, the Legal Clinic training programs were optional. Under the Undergraduate Academic Curriculum of 2007, the Clinical Legal Education was envisaged as an elective course students may opt for in the 3rd and 4th year of their law studies. Under the Faculty Statute of 2007, the Legal Clinic was given the status of an educational and scientific unit at the Law Faculty in Niš.

Either individually or in cooperation with other institutions and organizations, the Legal Clinic has completed four legal education projects involving a total number of 12 Faculty teaching staff and over 20 external associates. The current Legal Clinic project, the clinical training program on the Protection of Women's Rights, is supported by the OSCE. In the past period, the clinical education program has been successfully completed by a total number of 276 students. The current seventh generation of trainees comprises 21 student.

The Legal Clinic website provides further information on the former and current Legal Clinic activities. The website has been designed using the Civil Law Clinic archives and the materials which have been prepared, used and evaluated in the past period in order to provide for the sustainable development of the Legal Clinic.