Student’s Newspaper “Lawyer“

The "Lawyer" is a monthly newspaper issued by the Law Faculty students. The newspaper covers current topics on a wide range of social and political events, current topics in the field of higher education and current Faculty activities.

The primary objective of the newspaper is to inform and explain certain problems and phenomena to the readership, including Law Faculty students as well as our colleagues from other faculties at the University of Nish. In addition, one of the aims of the newspaper is to gather students interested in journalisms and provide them an opportunity to acquire and develop relevant journalist skills.

The newspaper has gone through different developmental phases but managed to persevere and preserve its tradition. The 31st issue of the newspaper has been completely updated, signifying a new editorial direction. We hope that the updated newspaper will contribute to the Law Faculty image and mirror the society in the future.

We are extremely grateful to our friends form the Faculty of Political Science, Department of Journalism, for their continuous advice and assistance. If you are enthusiastic to try your hand at journalism and make a creative contribution to the newspaper, join us and become part of our team.

Editor - in Chief: Aleksandra Ćirić

Photo Editor: Jovan Gojković