Study Programs

The Faculty of Law provides a range of academic and professional study programs at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels in the field of legal and other social sciences and humanities. Under the Curriculum of 2003, the Law Faculty provides a 4-year Undergraduate study program for obtaining an LLB degree, a one-year LLB Specialist program, and a 2-year Master's degree program.

In order to provide for the inclusion into the common European Higher Education Area, the Faculty of Law in Nish has reformed and modernized its curricula and study programs in compliance with the Bologna standards. Under the new Faculty Statute and the Faculty Curriculum adopted in 2008, from 1st October 2008 the Law Faculty will be providing three study programs in the field of law, fully compliant with the Bologna Declaration:

  • the 4-year Undergraduate Academic (LLB degree) Study Program (240 ECTS)
  • the 1-year Graduate Academic (LLM Degree) Study Program (60 ECTS)
  • the 3-year Post-graduate (LLD degree) Study Program (180 ECTS)

The contents of the study programs are in compliance with the relevant provisions of the Higher Education Act and the Faculty Statute (Art.11). The organizational structure and the basic elements of the study programs comply with the Standards for the Accreditation of Study Programs of the first and second tier of higher education, as adopted by the National Council for Higher Education. Designed in full observance of the National Council standards, the new study programs are the result of a critical reevaluation of the existing programs and a full appreciation of the opinions, standpoints and suggestions given by the academic and professional legal public. In the course of designing the study programs, the Faculty was driven by the conclusions adopted at the Conference of Serbian Law Faculties, held in Belgrade on 19th October 2005. These conclusions of a non-binding character are grounded on the principles of the new Serbian Higher Education Act and the standpoints adopted at the meeting of the European law faculties in Ljubljana (29th September – 1st October 2005), which are ultimately aimed at improving the quality and the competitiveness of the legal education and furthering the mission of the academic community of graduate legal professionals in the development of the society at large.