The Publication Center

The Publication Center is a sub-unit within the organizational structure of the scientific research unit. It was first established in 1998 to cater for the Faculty publication purposes. The main objectives of the Publication Center are to organize and prepare the publication of textbooks, monographs, collections of papers from scientific conferences and other publications for educational, professional and scientific purposes, in either printed or electronic form.

The operation of the Publication Center, including the organization of the publishing process and the publication requirements, are regulated by the Rules on the Operation of the Publication Center and the Rules on Publishing Activities of the Law Faculty in Niš. The publishing activities are organized and performed in compliance with the Annual Publishing Activity Plan.

The Law Faculty Journal, an independent scientific magazine of the Faculty of Law in Niš, is an integral part of the Faculty publishing activity plan. It comprises a series of annual and periodical Collections of Papers from scientific conferences organized at the Law Faculty in Niš.

Collections of Papers

The Publication Center also prepares and organizes the publication of bulletins, student information guides, brochures and other information materials. The scope of regular publishing activities includes the publication of "The Law Faculty Bulletin", containing the general normative acts and the Faculty Management decisions, and "the Library Bulletin ", containing the lists of recently acquired books available at the Faculty Library. In order to provide relevant information for prospective students and freshmen, the Centre annually publishes the Students' Information Guide, containing the basic information about the Faculty, the undergraduate curriculum, admissiont requirements, the entry exam, system of studying, etc.


In addition to the wide scope of publishing activities, the Publication Center is involved in the public promotion of scientific research results achieved by the Faculty teaching staff. For this purpose, the Center publishes catalogues of Faculty publications and organizes promotional events to disseminate the information about the published scientific and professional works.

The Faculty of Law and the Publication Center have a long-standing cooperation in the field of publishing with a number of relevant educational and scientific institutions in the country and abroad. The Faculty publications frequently include not only the scientific work of the Faculty teaching staff but also the scientific articles of legal scholars, experts and practicioners from other law faculties and law-related institutions both from the country and abroad.

The Center is managed by the Publication Board and the Publication Center Manager. All technical matters are handled by the Faculty Publishing and International Cooperation Officer.

Publication Center Manager:
Prof. dr Marina Dimitrijević