Domestic Cooperation

In view of developing and promoting its educational and scientific activities, the Faculty of Law has developed successful national co-operation with related educational and scientific institutions, state administration, judicial authorities, local government authorities, professional organizations and lawyers' associations, and a number of non-governmental organizations. The cooperation with other law faculties in the country includes the organization of joint conferences and scientific meetings, research projects, inter-department and multidisciplinary meetings, etc.

In order to develop and advance the educational, scientific and professional cooperation, the Law Faculty has entered into separate cooperation agreements and signed protocols with a number of partners, as well as joint venture agreements for the realization of specific joint scientific projects.

For the purpose of promoting academic cooperation and networking, the Law Faculty has signed cooperation agreements with the Faculty of Law in Belgrade (8th Jan. 1996) and the European Centre for Peace and Development (24th June 2002). In the field of legal education, the Faculty has established successful cooperation with the Nish Bar Association, the Supreme Court of Serbia, a number of county and municipal courts, prosecution offices, penal institutions and reformatories, social services, and other related institutions. Some of these institutions serve as the Faculty teaching resources, significantly contributing to a more effective legal education and professional development of prospective legal professionals. The Law Faculty has also developed cooperation with other educational and cultural institutions in the region (such as the Youth Cultural Centre in Zaječar and the open universities in Kruševac and Smederevo), aimed at organizing a consultative instruction for part-time students from these regions.


Institute for Comparative Law
British American Tobacco d.o.o.
Supreme Court of the Republic of Serbia
County Court in Niš
County Court in Kruševac
County Court in Kraljevo
County Court in Prokuplje
County Court in Pirot
County Court in Zaječar
County Court in Vranje
County Court in Leskovac
Municipal Court in Niš
Municipal Court in Aleksinac
Municipal Court in Svrljig
Municipal Court in Babušnica
Municipal Court in Zaječar
Municipal Court in Kruševac
Municipal Court in Pirot
Municipal Court in Prokuplje  
Commercial Court in Niš
Niš Bar Association
Centre for Social Services "Sveti Sava"
G17 Institute in Belgrade
Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade
Faculty of Law, University of Kragujevac
European Centre for Peace and Development, United Nations’ University for Peace