Law Faculty

CERTIFICATE OF ACCREDITATION, Faculty of Law, University of Niš

OPERATING LICENCE, Faculty of Law, University of Niš

OPERATING LICENCE for the Higher Education Unit in Medveđa

The Faculty of Law in Niš is a state educational and scientific institution of higher education within in the structural framework of the University of Niš. Having the capacity of a legal entity, the Law Faculty is subject to all the rights and obligations in compliance with the Higher Education Act and the Faculty Statute.

The Law Faculty is registered to provide legal education in the following scientific areas: public law, criminal law, civil law, trade law, international law, legal theory (jurisprudence), legal history, law and politics, law and sociology, and law and economy. The Faculty provides a range of academic study programs in the field of legal science at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels, as well as professional study programs.

In addition to its primary mission in legal education, the scope of the Faculty activities includes fundamental, developmental and applied scientific research in the field of legal science and other social sciences and humanities, performed either individually or in cooperation with other institutions or organizations. The scientific projects results are regularly published in the Law Faculty Journal. Being strategically committed to the permanent development of its educational activities in correlation with the scientific research and professional practice, the Law Faculty organizes diverse study programs for the innovation and advancement of knowledge, further professional education and development in the fields of legal and other social sciences, and organizes professional examinations.

The Law Faculty has developed good cooperation and signed cooperation agreements with 18 educational institutions in the country and abroad and 21 judicial and other related institutions.

The Law Faculty currently employs 55 professors and teaching assistants on a full-time basis, and 3 foreign language instructors (for French, German and Russian) engaged under fixed-term service agreements.


Being a referential institution of higher education highly renowned in the region, the Faculty of Law in Niš provides and permanently develops all programs and levels of legal education, scientific research and professional practice in the field of law and other social sciences and humanities in full compliance with the highest quality standards, thus significantly contributing to the development of the legal system, legal science, legal profession, and the prosperity of the local community and society at large.


The Law Faculty has envisaged to achieve the maximum quality of study programs, the teaching process, scientific research and professional activities through a permanent advancement of the entire scope of Faculty activities and development of the quality culture, which would ensure the Faculty reputation as a modern, recognizable and highly appealing higher education institution in the region, fully comparable with institutions of a similar profile and capacity and enjoying the trust of students, prospective employers, the institution founder and the community at large.